Folow 4 Steps to Wash Jeans to be Durable and Fade-free

Wash JeansJeans are one type of pants that are liked and certainly owned by all groups because the model is simple and suitable for all occasions. Therefore, the need for proper treatment so that the jeans you have can last long. Same as other types of fabrics, caring for and washing jeans also have their way. You have to know a special way to wash jeans so that your jeans are more durable and the color doesn’t fade easily.

Jeans that have good quality can usually last long to be used. In addition, the older or longer you wear, the pants made of denim will feel more comfortable. However, because these jeans are the most commonly used everyday pants, they are very prone to getting dirty. That makes the dilemma, the more often washed jeans, the faster the color of the pants faded.

Washing jeans is also not an easy thing because the material is very heavy when it is wet, so it is very tiring if you wash them by hand. But on the other hand, jeans should not be washed too often using a washing machine because it can damage the fabric of the jeans themselves.

Soak the jeans in vinegar water

Soak your jeans in a mixture of cold water and vinegar as the first step in wash jeans. This is done to keep the color of the jeans from fading during washing. Do not use detergents, because detergents are not compatible with jeans, and instead make the color of the jeans fade and fade quickly.

To do this, fill a bathtub with cold water, and mix it with 1 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons table salt. After that, soak your jeans for 1 hour.

Wash with cold water

Water, whether warm or hot, not only fades the color of your jeans but also causes them to shrink. Therefore, after you soak the pants in the vinegar-water mixture, rinse the pants using cold water. Keep in mind, you don’t need to wash your jeans after every use. Jeans can be worn 4-5 times after washing.

Drying jeans outdoors

After rinsing, do not dry the jeans using a clothes dryer or dryer. Similar to using hot water when washing, high heat will make your jeans shrink. Hang the jeans outdoors, but don’t expose them to direct sunlight. When the jeans are exposed to direct sunlight, the color of your jeans will likely fade faster because they are exposed to direct heat.

Iron with the correct method

If the jeans are dry, we also have to pay attention to how to iron the jeans to keep them durable. If the jeans are very wrinkled, it is better to iron them upside down. Starting from the pockets, waist, followed by the legs.

After that, store your jeans by hanging them using a special pants hanger. To avoid the creases in the pants which make the folds fade quickly. Those are the four steps in washing jeans so they can stay durable and don’t fade easily. Good luck, yes…

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